Nicki Minaj Hairstyles and Haircolors

Posted on Nov 28 2011 - 6:27pm by admin

Nicki Minaj Hairstyles and Haircolors. Nicki Minaj is full of life and energy and her hairstyles always reflect her creative atmosphere and mood.

From unique and exotic coloring, to her sensational hairstyles, one things for sure Nicki’s hairstyles will never go unnoticed. One of her most iconic looks involves her use and play of the color pink. From tight pink ringlets, to pink bobs, Nicki loves using pink haircolors to pull off her signature styles. One of the main components to pulling off a unique Minaj inspired hairstyles is by playing around with different looks in wigs and weaves.

Nicki is always switching her hairstyle, and wigs easily allow her to do so. Another one of her signature looks involves a sexy bob cut, seen by Nicki in both short and long variations. You can pull off Nicki’s same unique style by adding your own flair to either your own locks, or by coloring wigs / weaves. If creating a bold color hairstyle, be sure to get the style down by a professional to ensure that the color comes out as bold as you want it. You can also get your wig professional colored as well. Look below to see some of Nicki’s most iconic hairstyles.


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